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14 July,2024  
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Polymerminds.com has started by the group of service minded people, with the goal to serve the polymer and chemical community by providing the best possible jobs available in the planet  to the right candidate at the right time, with the help of internet technology.

As we know a good start is half done, by placing the candidate at the right company will provide them a wonderful career opportunity and bright future.

The Best Job Portal for the Polymer and Chemical community on the planet  . Free services for all job seekers from freshers to experienced people to all domestic placements. Our sole aim is to connect the each every polymer and chemical technologist to the world job markets efficiently.

In short Polymerminds.com is a very specialized portal catering the job solutions of Polymer and  Chemical Industries with e-zine to expand the knowledge.

Polymerminds.com = Job Solutions + E-zine 

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