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27 May,2024  
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Mr.B.M.Chandra praban., M.sc., B.Ed.,
Marketing Specialist serving the Rubber Industry for the past 9 years in India.
Ambition to serve the polymer community with the experience gained through Profession . Having excellent contacts with leading manufacturers and Suppliers of Rubber / Chemical
Raw materials and Rubber Products in India.
Passion to serve the industry with the skills gained through the hard work and

Mr.U.Vijayaraghavan., M.Sc.,Chem., M.Sc.,Polymer science., M.B.A.,
Marketing Specialist serving the Polymer Industry for the past 12 years.
Having excellent contact with all leading raw material manufacturers of polymers,
Chemicals, rubber and plastics. Good rapport with product manufacturers.
Passion to serve the polymer industry by the experience and expertise gained from education and profession.

Mrs.T.Jayalakshmijain., M.C.A
Internet specialist, having rich experience in web development and web marketing
field for over 6 years. Self-moulded, Self-realiable and positive outlook personality.. Passion to serve the community with the help of Internet Technology honestly.

Mr.Ramachandran., Charted. Accountant
Industrialist, connected with rubber industry for the past 12 years and running own
company to manufacture rubber profiles. Actively associated the All India Rubber
Industries Association to serve the Rubber Industry as financial secretary for southern region, India
Ambition: To serve the Polymer industry effectively with the experience and knowledge.


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