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27 May,2024  
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  Polymer Journals 
  • COMPENDEX Plus (Engineering Index)
    Provides references plus abstracts (as well as selected full text) to journal articles and conference papers in all areas of engineering. Available online for the years 1980 to the present. To determine if the article you want is available online, click on the External Link Resolver button.

Browsing Journals
Another way to search for articles is to browse current issues of journals and magazines. Below is a list of selected journals at UB related to polymer science and engineering.

Online Access
Advances in Polymer Technology
Journal of Applied Polymer Science
Journal of Reinforced Plastics & Composites
Modern Plastics
Plastics Engineering
Full text 1989+ available via InfoTrac
Plastics Technology
Full text 1989+ available via InfoTrac
Polymer Engineering and Science
Full text access 1992 + via InfoTrac
Polymer International
Polymers for Advanced Technologies
Reactive & Functional Polymers
Full text access 1999+ via ScienceDirect

Online Polymer Journals





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