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27 May,2024  
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  Polymer Books 
  • Comprehensive Desk Reference of Polymer Characterization and Analysis, R.F. Brady, Jr., 2003
    SEL REF QD139 .P6 C66
    Intended for the "entry-level polymer scientist," this book is a practical manual on the various analytical techniques used to characterize polymers, specifically synthetic polymers.
  • Industrial Polymers Handbook, E.S. Wilks, 2001, 4 vols.
    SEL REF QD388 .I53 2001
    A multi-volume work covering industrially important polymers, both naturally occurring and synthetic. Part 1 describes polymerization processes in detail and addresses trends in polymer reaction engineering, polymerization mechanisms and kinetics, and reactor modeling. Part 2 includes a comprehensive presentation of source-based and structure-based polymer nomenclature and covers descriptions of the syntheses and characteristics of the industrially important polymer classes. Part 3 covers biopolymers and their derivatives.
  • Polymer Handbook, J. Brandrup & E.H. Immergut, 4th ed., 1999
    SEL REF QD388 .P65
    Contains over 70 tables with data and constants for polymers. Tables are divided into eight sections: nomenclature rules; polymerization and depolymerization; physical properties of monomers and solvents; physical data of oligomers; physical constants of important polymers; solid state properties; solution properties; and abbreviations of polymers. Also includes phase diagrams.
  • Engineered Plastics, vol. 2 of the Engineered Materials Handbook, ASM, 1987-1995
    SEL REF TA403 .E497
    This volume covers general design considerations, engineering plastics families, manufacturing process selection (including economic factors), properties considerations, testing and characterization, materials selection (including interpreting supplier data sheets and the economics of materials), structural analysis and design, and failure analysis.
  • Physical Properties of Polymers Handbook, J.E. Mark, 1996
    SEL REF TA455 .P58 P475
    This handbook consists of individual sections written by experts which cover the properties of polymeric materials--particularly those properties most relevant to the areas of physical chemistry and chemical physics. Includes tables, graphs, equations, and extensive references to the research literature.
  • Polymer Data Handbook, J.E. Mark, 1999
    SEL REF TA455 .P58 P675
    This handbook provides concise information in tabular format on the syntheses, structures, properties, and applications of polymeric materials.
  • Properties of Polymers, D.W. Van Krevelen, 3rd ed., 1990
    SEL Ref TA455 .P58 V35
    This book correlates known properties of polymers with chemical structure and provides methods for estimating the most basic properties when measurements are not available. The book covers thermophysical characteristics, properties in a force field, transport properties, chemical stability and breakdown. An appendix gives trade names and manufacturers.
  • Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry, W. Gerhartz, executive editor, 5th ed., 1985
    SEL Ref TP9 .U57 1985
    A comprehensive encyclopedia on industrial chemistry with extensive information on polymers and plastics. 
  • Encyclopedia of Polymer Science and Engineering, 17 vols., 1985-1990
    SEL REF TP156 .P6 E5
    This 17-volume encyclopedia is the standard reference work on all topics relating to polymer science and plastics technology. It provides an exhaustive treatise on polymer science and engineering methods, materials, and applications.
  • Polymeric Materials Encyclopedia, J.C. Salamone, 12 vols., 1996
    SEL REF TP1110 .P65
    Comprehensive encyclopedia dealing with the chemical and chemical engineering aspects of polymer synthesis and characterization. This 12-volume set contains over 1100 review-type articles on the various general and specific chemical classes of polymers, with a particular focus on their synthesis, properties, and applications.
  • Handbook of Plastic Materials and Technology, I.I. Rubin, 1990
    SEL REF TP1130 .H35
    Published by the Society of Plastics Engineers, this handbook provides a single source of basic information on plastics materials, processing, and technology. Extensive appendices rank plastics materials according to a variety of properties, including density, tensile strength, tensile modulus, flexural modulus, percent elongation to break, Izod notched impact, heat-distortion temperature at 264 psi, and dielectric strength.
  • Handbook of Plastics, Elastomers, and Composites, C.A. Harper, 3rd ed., 1996
    SEL REF TP1130 .H36
    Sourcebook of practical data on polymers and their applications. Includes property and performance data as well as information on application guidelines, fabrication methods, design and finishing. The book also has an extensive glossary and product design data appendices.
  • Plastics Engineering Handbook of the Society of the Plastics Industry, 1991
    SEL REF TP1130 .S58
    Comprehensive manual for plastics processing. Chapter 1 provides a glossary of terms in use in the plastics industry. Chapters 2 and 3 cover the range of polymer materials, providing an understanding of their basic chemistry and supplying a description of the families of plastics, their physical and chemical properties, and their applications. Chapters 4-20 cover the most widely used methods of plastics processing, while Chapters 21-27 cover equipment, preparation for processing, machining and assembly, and test methods.

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