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14 July,2024  
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Our team's vision is to serve the polymer community as much as possible by networking the best polymerminds in the world, under one platform namely www.polymerminds.com.

Values :

Polymerminds.com team adapts and follow the below values:

  • Integrity
  • Transparancy
  • Truthfulness
  • Honesty
  • Openness
  • Social Consiousness
  • Caring for the environment.

Uniqueness of Polymerminds.com

We are proud to inform, that Polymerminds.com team is committed to serve free for all fresh Polymer candidates enrolled in our database for domestic placements.

Job Providing companies need not to pay any consulting fees to Polymerminds.com for placement services, instead they can take part in our noble mission as Authorized Supporter, by offering advertisements in Polymerminds.com which will definitely help the companies to improve their Corporate Identity and Brand Image.

Polymerminds.com will also promote you business through the innovative Web Marketing Concepts to boost your revenue.

As Authorized Supporter, you can utilize  all other Business services of  Polymerminds.com at a special discount price. Any company can become our Authorized supporter and get the placements services at free of cost for the entire year.

You can upload you requirements in the below form. We will be connecting you to the right candidates.

Different plans are available. Feel free to contact. support@polymerminds.com.

Advertise on Polymerminds.com to enhance your Brand Image.

Polymerminds.com has an array of options in terms of advertising and sponsorships.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

- Banners Ads
- Event sponsors
- Email Sponsorships
- Knowledge Center Sponsorships
- Customized Campaigns

Since the Polymerminds.com is a industry specific portal , you can reach target Audiences easily and effectively with low tariff rates. Our Advertisement consultants can help you to create a most powerful ads and customized marketing campaign to reach the minds of the targeted consumers. Contact Polymerminds.com : advertising@polymerminds.com

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